RELAX KITCHEN Three Functional Tap Head

Product Code : RS-40

The smart tap head of kitchens Save from water, time and energy...


An innovative, intelligent and impressive product ...

It provides ease of use with its articulated head. 

With the water function knob, you can do point impact, sprinking or both together at the same time. 

Avoid similar and counterfeit products. Never trust products that do not have trustworthy and original product holograms!

You can adjust it according to the nature of the surface to be cleaned. 

Excellent sealing. A magic tap head that does not spill even a drop of water to its surroundings despite the strongest water outflow. 

Now you can be absolutely sure of the cleanliness of the fruits and vegetables you consume. 

Moreover, you will be sure of the cleaning you have done. 

It immediately blocks the surfaces to be cleaned. 

RelaxKitchen has 302 micro-holes. 

The metal plate is made of 304 stainless steel. 

RelaxKitchen is just like a waterjet. It does the most effective cleaning with minimal water within seconds.  

Thanks to its micro-pores of three  tenths of millimeter in diameter, it is 100% EFFECTIVE, faster and more economic. 

By doing point impct, Relax Kitchen eliminates any remaining pharmaceuitcals, dirt, dust or residues left on fruits and vegetables. 

It even eliminates the residues left between the layers in vegetables such as lettuce, romaine, cauliflower.

The fruits and vegetables up till now of whose cleanliness you could not be sure of despite using so much water are now 100% more hygenic, more safe and the water you use is less!!!

Relax Kitchen with its approximately 40% WATER SAVING, contributes to your budget and enables you to use 7.1 pH value drinking quality water. 

It provides hygiene and filtration with the mineral stones found within it.  

Minimizes the rate of lime in water. 

You can use it for at least 10 years. 

RelaxKitchen is easy to clean. After removing all parts in order and cleaning, you can reinstall them. 

We have a proposal for you today 

Try Relax Kitchen for dishwashing and rinsing. Start the stopwatch. See how your cleaning time is shortened by half as you get twice as much rinse quality. 

Ladies, gentlemen! You will love this indispensable fixture of your kitchen very much. 


You will save from time, water and energy. 

RelaxKitchen is really a great product. With its quality, ease-of-use, and compatibility device for all batteries, IT IS A WONDERFUL PRODUCT. 


Now lean back and BELIEVE WHAT YOU HEAR. 

Relax Shower and Relax Kitchen are signing on for a double campaign. 

Your Bathrooms and Kitchens will celebrate. 


Let the RELAX SHOWER SHOWER HEAD and RELAX KITCHEN TAP HEAD package advantage come to your door; the health, hygiene and saving wizard for baths and kitchens where water consumption is the highest. 

Call or leave a message on the phones you see on the screen, and our call center will return your call as soon possible. 

Water is the future, water is life, water is tomorrow. 

Do not forget that the last drop is the overflowing drop! 

 "The Filter plate is manufactured from stainless 304".   

"Relax Kitchen fits all standard taps". 


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